The current site along the Thames Way

The current river is visible in some sections from Springhead, past Ebbsfleet International and along part of Thames Way, before disappearing under the road and then reappearing at the Northfleet Harbour site.

There are potentially huge benefits to uncovering (also known as deculverting or daylighting) the river in some of its hidden positions, starting with the section hidden under grass covered slabs on Thames Way, close to its junction with Stonebridge Road.

As a chalk bed river, cutting its way through the landscapes for thousands of years, this would provide:

The river could attract wildlife

– A revived and attractive feature for the Northfleet area. Those alighting at Ebbsfleet International or driving into Northfleet from the A2 could be greeted by a gently flowing river. Local residents could have the opportunity to see the river coming back to life.

– Increasing biodiversity and wildlife within the Northfleet area. To add to existing wildlife with water based creatures – including birds, fish and insects.

At a time of great change and development within the area, it would be a missed opportunity not to uncover this historic natural asset.